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Persol Eyeglasses

Persol eyeglasses are handcrafted in Italy and feature high-end materials and design. They come in a wide variety of colors and tones and are guaranteed to provide comfort, safety and style. This brand is also widely known for its cult classic frame designs.

With an original logo, a trademark arrow and a spring hinge, Persol eyeglasses are synonymous with craftsmanship. In addition to their iconic design, these frames are crafted to provide the ultimate fit. The Meflecto system, which is a flexible stem that is compatible with most head shapes, offers the most comfortable and secure fit. It's also one of the first spring hinges for eyewear.

From its beginning in a rustic Turin courtyard during World War I, Persol became a leading eyewear manufacturer. Today, this Italian company owns and operates more than 15,500 stores in 40 countries. Their eyewear is highly coveted by celebrities, race car drivers and mountaineers.

One of the most recognizable elements of Persol eyewear is the Freccia, a symbolic arrow that has been reinterpreted in more than 30 iterations. The arrow is based on the ancient warrior swords, but it features a modern twist with its distinctive shape. Persol has also made numerous ground-breaking frames. These include the iconic Model 649. A popular choice, the 649 has become the company's most recognizable model and is offered in a variety of configurations.

Persol's latest collections are made from top-quality plastics and materials and feature minimalist and contemporary aesthetics. These models are designed with the latest optical technologies and a focus on durability.

The Persol 649 Dedar is a limited edition version of the 649 featuring a keyhole bridge and Silver Arrows. Other Persol sunglasses are made with the company's signature polarized lenses, which are coated with a polarizing film to help reduce glare and reflections. Another popular style is the PO9649S, a trimmed-down version of the 649 with a less-prominent bridge.

Persol has a long history of creating groundbreaking frames. These have been developed with innovative manufacturing processes that combine superior quality and craftsmanship. For example, the Meflecto flexible eyeglass stem is one of the first spring hinges in eyewear and allows for an adjustable, comfortable fit. There are also hybrid options, which feature a metal or plastic stem.

Persol also offers a wide array of optical accessories. These combine classic shapes with modern elements and can be worn with any outfit. Some examples of these include the iconic Freccia, which has an inverted V-bridge, the smoked crystal lenses, the silver arrow and the logo arrow.

Persol has also created a range of unique novelties that combine metallic shades with sleek, acetate covers. These novelties also feature rounded corners and eclectic details that tie in with the company's iconic style.

Persol has maintained a close relationship with both cinema and television. Its latest eyewear collections have been praised for their minimalist designs and premium materials. As a result, they have grown in popularity. Several celebrities have been spotted wearing them.

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